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Profit Foundation was formed to increase the profits of our clients through the balancing of your sales model. Whether it be the installation of a new business development department, or tweaking your current sales organization, Profit Foundation is dedicated to improving the bottom line of growing firms.  We understand the long and complex sales cycle of selling technical projects, services, high price ticket items and project-based work and are able to quickly and efficiently assess the needed changes to the department and execute, drastically changing the sales pipeline with minimal time and investment. We have over 25 years of sales and marketing experience in many technologies our expertise includes I.T. Consulting, Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing, Retail, Hospitality and more. Whether you are selling products, full turnkey project management and project delivery or you are just looking to increase your profits, Profit  Foundation has the tools proven to accelerate  your sales cycles, lower the overall cost of sales, increase your sales force productivity, increase closing ratio of high value projects and dramatically increase the value of your pipeline.

Profit Foundation has a history of dramatically changing the landscape of our client’s sales position.  We are proud of the work we do with our clients to increase their revenue pipeline, increase sales force productivity, decrease the cost of sales and ultimately increase their Net Operating Income.

Why Profit Foundation?

Companies, which lack an established quality sales and marketing process, struggle to accurately forecast sales revenue. Most small companies don’t have a sales and marketing process in place at all. Are you like most small consulting companies? If so your sales probably happen spontaneously through a handful of rainmakers. With this process you are often beholden to your top sales person and may feel held hostage to these network sellers for your success. In this type of model you rely too much on people and referrals, which increases the risk of unpredictable peak and valley sales revenues. This approach to sales and marketing presents a dangerous gamble for your future selling abilities. The risk of Sr. Sales attrition or your reliance on erratic and unreliable sources for your sales pipeline leaves your firm exposed. Profit Foundation helps you build a marketing-led firm with a well-oiled sales machine independent of any one individual. Our model allows you to leverage your high performance sales talent by having them perform only high profit yielding activities while other lower compensated employees feed them qualified leads from your target market. We help you grow your sales pipeline through a documented multi-phase, campaign orientated and measured approach to lead generation. We will help you demonstrate a repeatable and sustainable sales model.

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I was skeptical at first that Profit Foundation could produce the results they claimed! I was pleasantly surprised when in just three months I had a $7 million dollar pipeline and we closed our first deal for $350,000!!!

Glen Brynteson
CEO, Market Awareness

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